Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fraction and Additon Bowling!

Group one is currently mastering the concept of addition. In order to teach this concept we have incorporated several methods, one of which is.............BOWLING! Our students get two chances to bowl, in which they count the number of pins they hit each time, then add them together. Group one was broken into teams, added their pins, then scores were calculated on the board, all of which show our students different forms of addition! Group two is currently mastering bowling, their assignment was to bowl, then make a fraction telling how many pins they knocked down in the process! Our first fractions test for this concept is TOMORROW! Fraction bowling has prepared our students with the knowledge, and a bit of fun! In addition to fraction-bowling, our students have practiced fractions through white boards, making a fraction pizza, power-points, and verbal lessons! We strive to reach all types of learners!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Academic Allstars!

Academic All-Stars
We have TONS to be proud of this quarter! Group one students are beginning to master the concept of addition and subtraction, while group two have nearly mastered the concept of fractions. Our students are able to successfully read the fraction (using mathematical terms), as well as shading in the appropriate parts. Our first test on fractions will be next Thursday March 23rd! Please be sure to review this concept at home with your child. Following our fraction unit, we will be entering word problems, allowing our students to comprehend math in a different way. Great job Reed's Rock-stars!

Science Fair Wrap Up
Our science fair was a huge success! Our projects were diverse and ranged from dinosaur fossils to the correct way to properly clean a coin. Parents truly enjoyed viewing all projects and the opportunity to see our science all stars at work! Listed below are highlights from the science fair and a few of our wonderful projects that were displayed. Our students are currently within the life cycle portion of our books! We are learning about the life cycle of plants, bees, butterflies, and frogs. Be sure to check your child's Monday folder to get a glimpse of a few of these awesome projects we are working on. In addition to projects, we are watching powerpoints, listening to audio lessons on the topic, and engaging in movement to learn these new concepts. Be sure to point out these animals when you see them outside or near your home! We can take science EVERYWHERE we go!



Monday, February 13, 2017

Math and Science Rockstars!

Our group two of math rock stars are doing an extraordinary job with telling time! Each student is telling time on a third grade level, with the ability to tell time to the exact minute! To practice, each student has made their own clock, labeling minutes and hours, as well as the ability to tell time on a hand held clock! Please continue to enforce this new concept by allowing your child to tell time at home! Group 1 is working on mastering number recognition and addition. Each student does daily addition work problems, as well practicing number recognition with flashcards. Each child should now be able to tell numbers leading up to 30 as well as counting to thirty. Each child has a number chart in their homework folders which should be reviewed nightly to improve and master this concept. Group one students will be mastering addition throughout the months of February and March, as well as the introduction into subtraction. Group 2 students are mastering telling time, and are now entering into different types of graphs and word problems, each of which could and should be also practiced at home!

Goodbye Dinosaurs...Hello Animals
Our students have ended the dinosaur unit and are currently focused on our animal unit. We will be learning about elephants, lions, tigers, frogs, and hippos! Thus far, we have made elephant water paintings, lion masks, and cut outs of our hands to create frogs. We will be implementing different ways of listening and learning our lessons by watching PowerPoint, doing art, audio lessons, and singing songs. These different concepts will ensure that each type of learner is benefitting from the lessons.

*Valentines Party is 2/14 and each student must have 3.00 for class pizza
*Remember to bring in 1.00 on Fridays for free dress
*No School on February 20th due to Presidents day
*Remember to check agendas for daily reminders and important info
*Ms. Reed's email:
*On colder days please remember to send child to school with jacket, depending on temperature they will be required to stay in without a jacket or coat

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Math and Science Allstars

Math Counts!
Our students are really getting busy this semester. Group one (younger students) have mastered all shapes, and are working towards number recognition and basic addition. Our weekly activities include using flash cards to master our number recognition as well as filling in a number chart for numbers up to thirty on our very own number chart. Moving forward group one will continue to focus on number recognition, greater than less than, and addition. Group two students have mastered telling time, place value, two digit addition, subtraction, greater than less than, and shapes. We are now moving deeper into telling time by learning to solve word problems! Feel free to practice each of these concepts at home as well!

Science Matters!
Our science all stars are focusing on building vocabulary and learning about different types of reptiles and dinosaurs. While group one is learning the concept of sorting, group two is focusing on reading their science books, and answering questions that follow. They are learning the concept of comprehension. They are able to read a short piece and understand what is going on, which is a huge accomplishment! Pictured below, our students are painting to each create a painted letter for the word DINOSAUR, which will hang over our board.

*Please remember to check agenda for homework and important messages
*Bring 1.00 on Friday if you  dress outside of your uniform
*There will be no school on February 20th due to President's day
*Lunch menus have been sent out, please return so orders can be placed
*Our Valentine's party is February 14th, each student must bring in 3.00 and a shoe box to decorate!


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Welcome Back!!!

Welcome Back
Welcome back everyone! We hope that your Christmas break was wonderful and filled with blessings! Now that we are back in school we have a few reminders as well as a few important dates not to miss. In math our group 1 (younger students) will be fully focused on addition and number recognition. At this point our students should be able to recognize both large and small numbers. We practice this skill by using flash cards, and daily lessons where students must tell what number is written on the board. Parents can also practice these skills at home! In our older group, we are fully focused on money, and introducing measurements and telling time! Our students have begun making their own clocks, distinguishing between the hour and minute hand!

In science it is our DINOSAUR AND REPTILE unit. We will be learning about different reptiles and dinosaurs. As pictured below our students have made their very own dinosaurs using paper plates and paint. In addition to the dinosaurs, we have also learned about different types of snakes as well as made our own sssssssslithering sssssnakes!

*No School on January 19th due to MLK day
*Please remember to bring in 1.00 on Fridays if your child does not wear uniform
*Homework should be completed every night and turned in next day
*Our open house is January 10th from 4:30-6:30
*Please remember that on colder days your child will need a jacket or they will not be able to go outside if weather permits outdoor recess
*Check agendas daily, as this is how we communicate homework and daily behavior

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sign Language!

Sign Language
I am proud to announce that our students have excelled in learning sign language during Chapel! Our lower elementary students know over 40 signs and still going! A few our of known signs include eat, more, I love you, sit, stand, dance, apple, juice, water, milk, mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, and hi, my name is.... Please review this wonderful skill with our students at home! Enjoy!

Christmas Party and More!

Christmas Party and More!
Hello all! We are nearing the holidays and preparing our students for such! Our students will be hosting our very own Polar Express Christmas party. Students are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes, just as they did in the movie. Our activities for the Christmas party will be a classroom-made breakfast including waffles, bacon, fruit and juice. Parents will be given a form on what to bring during car circle this week, so be on the lookout. In addition to our Christmas party students are reminded that Wednesday and Thursday of next week are half days, and there is no school on Friday December 16th.

Would you like a Donut?
As you may already know, our students are focused on the aspect of money in both groups for math. Our students recently did an activity where the classroom was set up as a donut shop, each student was given a certain amount of pretend money, and they had to purchase different toppings for their cut out of a donut. This activity helped our students build their coin recognition, as well as reach the students that learn better through hands-on and visual activities. The pictures posted below show our finished products.

Solar System Fun
The month of December is focused on the solar system! In science our students have been focused on learning the different planets as well as information about each. We have painted Earth, Mars, and Neptune using our FINGER PAINTING SKILLS! Next our students will be completing a solar system book where they will be able to cut and glue different planets and facts on separate pages. Please remember to review the planets with your students at home, a little home review never hurt anyone!