Friday, October 21, 2016

Science 10/17-10/21 Underwater Animals

Underwater Animals
This week our students focused on uncovering the life underwater. We learned about the four oceans, Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, and Indian. Each student should be able to name each ocean as well as tell which is the largest (Pacific). Our activities for the week included making octopuses, in which we spoke about their habitat and how many legs they have, making our very own! We also made sharks, and wrote a small paragraph telling where they lived, and why we liked them. Students got audio learning through listening to a piece about sharks and fun facts relating to their habitat. We also read shark stories this week, giving each student the opportunity to listen tell what they learned. Our 'All About Sharks' activity uncovered our artwork of the week done by Autumn Barakas! Congrats Autumn, her picture showed not only excellent artwork but great listening skills as well!

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  1. Autumn was so proud she had us checking the page every 15 minutes to see if you had uploaded the pictures yet!