Monday, November 14, 2016

Let the COUNTDOWN Begin

Let the COUNTDOWN Begin!

Our students have a busy but rewarding few weeks ahead of them. We are looking forward to our SCIENCE QUIZ on November 15th, which will cover CONTINENTS, OCEANS, AND LAYERS OF THE EARTH. All of which we have been reviewing for the past few weeks, and all students are up to date on the information. In math we have begun expanding our money unit, learning to add and subtract money as well as differentiate coins and how much they are worth. Students are also focusing on number recognition and the ability to put numbers in order correctly (pictured below). Our money unit came just in time for our CHANGE A CHILD'S CHRISTMAS DONATIONS. We will be donating daily to our donation bucket (posted below), leading up until Christmas, where we will donate all funds to a family in need. In addition to our donations, please do not forget about our Thanksgiving Feast this Thursday, titled 'Our Fancy Nancy Feast'. All students should be dressed in their best, and ready for a formal but fun feast. Reminders were also send via email letting parents know that Ms. Reed's class is responsible for desserts and rolls! Please bring those items in for our feast on Thursday! We will be spending our week telling about the things we are thankful for, I am most thankful for my wonderful students and our Gerard Prep Community! Lets make these holidays ones to remember!!

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