Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Party and More!

Christmas Party and More!
Hello all! We are nearing the holidays and preparing our students for such! Our students will be hosting our very own Polar Express Christmas party. Students are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes, just as they did in the movie. Our activities for the Christmas party will be a classroom-made breakfast including waffles, bacon, fruit and juice. Parents will be given a form on what to bring during car circle this week, so be on the lookout. In addition to our Christmas party students are reminded that Wednesday and Thursday of next week are half days, and there is no school on Friday December 16th.

Would you like a Donut?
As you may already know, our students are focused on the aspect of money in both groups for math. Our students recently did an activity where the classroom was set up as a donut shop, each student was given a certain amount of pretend money, and they had to purchase different toppings for their cut out of a donut. This activity helped our students build their coin recognition, as well as reach the students that learn better through hands-on and visual activities. The pictures posted below show our finished products.

Solar System Fun
The month of December is focused on the solar system! In science our students have been focused on learning the different planets as well as information about each. We have painted Earth, Mars, and Neptune using our FINGER PAINTING SKILLS! Next our students will be completing a solar system book where they will be able to cut and glue different planets and facts on separate pages. Please remember to review the planets with your students at home, a little home review never hurt anyone!



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