Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Math and Science Allstars

Math Counts!
Our students are really getting busy this semester. Group one (younger students) have mastered all shapes, and are working towards number recognition and basic addition. Our weekly activities include using flash cards to master our number recognition as well as filling in a number chart for numbers up to thirty on our very own number chart. Moving forward group one will continue to focus on number recognition, greater than less than, and addition. Group two students have mastered telling time, place value, two digit addition, subtraction, greater than less than, and shapes. We are now moving deeper into telling time by learning to solve word problems! Feel free to practice each of these concepts at home as well!

Science Matters!
Our science all stars are focusing on building vocabulary and learning about different types of reptiles and dinosaurs. While group one is learning the concept of sorting, group two is focusing on reading their science books, and answering questions that follow. They are learning the concept of comprehension. They are able to read a short piece and understand what is going on, which is a huge accomplishment! Pictured below, our students are painting to each create a painted letter for the word DINOSAUR, which will hang over our board.

*Please remember to check agenda for homework and important messages
*Bring 1.00 on Friday if you  dress outside of your uniform
*There will be no school on February 20th due to President's day
*Lunch menus have been sent out, please return so orders can be placed
*Our Valentine's party is February 14th, each student must bring in 3.00 and a shoe box to decorate!


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