Monday, February 13, 2017

Math and Science Rockstars!

Our group two of math rock stars are doing an extraordinary job with telling time! Each student is telling time on a third grade level, with the ability to tell time to the exact minute! To practice, each student has made their own clock, labeling minutes and hours, as well as the ability to tell time on a hand held clock! Please continue to enforce this new concept by allowing your child to tell time at home! Group 1 is working on mastering number recognition and addition. Each student does daily addition work problems, as well practicing number recognition with flashcards. Each child should now be able to tell numbers leading up to 30 as well as counting to thirty. Each child has a number chart in their homework folders which should be reviewed nightly to improve and master this concept. Group one students will be mastering addition throughout the months of February and March, as well as the introduction into subtraction. Group 2 students are mastering telling time, and are now entering into different types of graphs and word problems, each of which could and should be also practiced at home!

Goodbye Dinosaurs...Hello Animals
Our students have ended the dinosaur unit and are currently focused on our animal unit. We will be learning about elephants, lions, tigers, frogs, and hippos! Thus far, we have made elephant water paintings, lion masks, and cut outs of our hands to create frogs. We will be implementing different ways of listening and learning our lessons by watching PowerPoint, doing art, audio lessons, and singing songs. These different concepts will ensure that each type of learner is benefitting from the lessons.

*Valentines Party is 2/14 and each student must have 3.00 for class pizza
*Remember to bring in 1.00 on Fridays for free dress
*No School on February 20th due to Presidents day
*Remember to check agendas for daily reminders and important info
*Ms. Reed's email:
*On colder days please remember to send child to school with jacket, depending on temperature they will be required to stay in without a jacket or coat

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