Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Academic Allstars!

Academic All-Stars
We have TONS to be proud of this quarter! Group one students are beginning to master the concept of addition and subtraction, while group two have nearly mastered the concept of fractions. Our students are able to successfully read the fraction (using mathematical terms), as well as shading in the appropriate parts. Our first test on fractions will be next Thursday March 23rd! Please be sure to review this concept at home with your child. Following our fraction unit, we will be entering word problems, allowing our students to comprehend math in a different way. Great job Reed's Rock-stars!

Science Fair Wrap Up
Our science fair was a huge success! Our projects were diverse and ranged from dinosaur fossils to the correct way to properly clean a coin. Parents truly enjoyed viewing all projects and the opportunity to see our science all stars at work! Listed below are highlights from the science fair and a few of our wonderful projects that were displayed. Our students are currently within the life cycle portion of our books! We are learning about the life cycle of plants, bees, butterflies, and frogs. Be sure to check your child's Monday folder to get a glimpse of a few of these awesome projects we are working on. In addition to projects, we are watching powerpoints, listening to audio lessons on the topic, and engaging in movement to learn these new concepts. Be sure to point out these animals when you see them outside or near your home! We can take science EVERYWHERE we go!



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