Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fraction and Additon Bowling!

Group one is currently mastering the concept of addition. In order to teach this concept we have incorporated several methods, one of which is.............BOWLING! Our students get two chances to bowl, in which they count the number of pins they hit each time, then add them together. Group one was broken into teams, added their pins, then scores were calculated on the board, all of which show our students different forms of addition! Group two is currently mastering bowling, their assignment was to bowl, then make a fraction telling how many pins they knocked down in the process! Our first fractions test for this concept is TOMORROW! Fraction bowling has prepared our students with the knowledge, and a bit of fun! In addition to fraction-bowling, our students have practiced fractions through white boards, making a fraction pizza, power-points, and verbal lessons! We strive to reach all types of learners!

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